Video Production is the ADmaze Channel. Local Television has all but ceased to be productive, hence ADmaze Media now produces their own programmes and documentaries and place them on our own channels.  Anything goes really, including travelogues, of which several have been produced! Corporate videos are also catered for. We have enough cameras and kit to cover standard events too, such as conferences, launches and so on. 4K is an option and the facilities are geared for this.

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Because local TV is sadly not keeping up, plus it will not air the ‘commercial’ elements of a piece unless it is paid for. was initially set up to cater more for detail, in order to give the ‘subject’ more content as such, plus it remains on-line or in the cloud for reference forever.


Video production also includes graphics and that can be 3D. ADmaze Media has enough resources to do most things video wise, but we don’t yet do full length feature films, but hey!  You give the brief and ADmaze Media will surely see what can be done.


Yes!  We have the latest DSLR cameras too, but we still prefer the conventional – made for the job – video cameras.  We must not knock it though, as with the peripherals, which sometimes weigh a ton, DSLR footage is quite stunning, but to get that, your arms will ache more than they do with conventional video cameras.