Radio and Jingle Production

radio-production-vgMany try and emulate the creative and professional standard output by ADmaze Media WLL (Geg Hopkins). During 80s and 90s, before Social Media  and the smart phone, the benchmark production quality and creative for radio commercials and catchy musical jingles came from this studio.


Nothing has changed in that respect, only the trends with less call for good radio ads and jingles these days.  We are still alive and strutting, when the discerning ear wants better and gets off the phone.  As mentioned elsewhere under PRODUCTION STUDIO, it is easy to see where Audio Production is going or some cases gone already. With huge band-widths and higher speeds, any classic audio production is always accompanied by a video or at least a slide.



To a degree, forensics and restoration can also catered for.  As we say in the trade; ‘You can’t polish a turd’, but making it a little clearer for whatever reason is always a possibility.

musicjingleThere are samples on this site of the many catchy radio and TV jingles that have been commissioned.   All are 100% original tunes, unless a deliberate adaptation. Copyright is held by ADmaze Media unless a ‘buyout’ is negotiated.


There is a misconception about ‘Royalty Free’.  In most cases, it actually means that you pay for the song or music to be used associated with your product and your product only.  You do not have the rights to it unless a complete ‘buy out’ has been arranged. Local Advertising Agencies will ask for music or song production then fully expect to take it away without any royalties being paid for play. In general, that is not going to happen unless a complete ‘Buy out’ is arranged. In most cases, there is a studio charge per hour for production and a good song or jingle could take a month or more to produce to perfection.


The creative brain behind the song or music has to be rewarded and this is done by royalty, whereby he or she receives part of the commissions radio, TV and indeed the Internet pays for placement. It is not so much, but don’t be greedy, give to the needy and you’ll get a cracking, catchy little number that is 100% original.