Go anywhere in the world you WILL NOT match the systems produced at ADmaze Media.

IVR – It is an art and a fine art at that! It has taken years of perfecting this art to the standard you can expect from ADmaze Media. It doesn’t matter which language.

A company’s IVR is the most important link to its customer base. It creates the image. It is the same in airports, many just sound so amateur! Hear a bad IVR and that gets cemented in minds and customers dread having to use it. 99% of companies all the way to top management either don’t care or don’t perceive how bad their systems are, which were probably installed within a few days and are so ergonomically defunct with your secretary’s amateur voice bleating away, your customers hate it.

Proudly and boastfully, output from ADmaze Media is as near perfectly flowing as any automatic system is ever going to be. Loud and clear too – always! It is a comment we often receive, asking how we do it.

Having won awards and consulted on and completed many large telecom and bank systems,  ADmaze Media gets a fair amount of enquiries because of reputation and the samples out there. ‘Can you do the same for us’? Of course, but it always comes as a surprise when we explain that a first class systems takes a good few months to design, produce and implement and doesn’t cost just $200.  There isn’t a system out there that we can’t fix or a problem that we have not had experience with before. The team at ADmaze Media can do efficient, logically sound flow charts in their heads. We then use ‘only’ professional talent for voicing and the rest is in direction.

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