Studio Facilities


ADmaze Media is a state-of-the-art, facility with all necessary high-end equipment.  A recording studio at its heart, used mainly for in-house productions, with the occasional open door for certain ad agencies to produce their own creations (with help from within of course, or they simply wouldn’t bother to come here).   The list of equipment is too long to mention, but includes processors, recording media & digital editing bays.  Recording bands is not a function of ADmaze Media, although this is often requested. In years gone by, Geg did much of this and continues to be still sought after for this type of work, but unfortunately, as intense and enjoyable as it is, it is just not profitable. (Sorry).


In-house music is of course produced and modules, mixers and synths abound. The usual Lexicon reverbs, TC Gold Channel and Halicon harmonizer are also boldly racked still, but of course everything is digital now and Geg was among the first in the world to go digital with Micro Technology Unlimited (MTU) and Yamaha’s first digital mixers.  This was in 1989, some 4 or 5 years before the world caught on.


For geeks who get excited with equipment lists, if you like the outboard and still don’t like Pro-Tools, Logic or whatever, then the Yamaha DM2000 & other Yamaha digital boards, attached to some 64 tracks of 24 bit Alesis digital disk recorders are sometimes used still. The ADmaze museum  also has some older analogue boards which remain, fearing to part with, such as the Sound Craft 6000 and even an Allen & Heath GS3. One question asked often within pro circles:  ‘What is your favourite piece of kit?’  All done on Macs and I7 multi-core PCs now, but the TC Finalizer would be up there with the best, if only the cheap Chinese power supplies didn’t keep crapping out.   To be honest, still the old un-upgradeable MTU editor can NOT be beaten. Micro Technology Unlimited a company that no longer supports what is arguably the best non-linear editor ever made, but it only runs on XP. Way back in the 90s it was 24 bit.  It still works brilliantly and nothing can beat it, not even Pro Tools, which sits idle here.

In the words of our dear old, now sadly departed friend and confidant, Ahmed Suleiman, head of Radio Bahrain for 100 years, ‘Just the Microphones used by Geg cost more than the entire studio of our nearest rivals.’


On the video front:  Avid has gone, in favour of Final Cut and Premier for most on both PCs and Macs. (The local TV still on steam with Edius.  Don’t knock it, it does the basics well and quickly).

Favourite cameras of the Moment; the Sony XDCAM 4Ks of which 3 are in constant use.  As a footnote to that, Sony have just released the 128 Gig XQD card, but they hurt wallet wise.