Production Studio

You have to ask yourself, what is a ‘Production Studio’ these days?   The ADmaze Media facilities are not ‘Soundblaster’ stuff or MP3 off a mobile phone as an astonishing number of so-called studios appear to be nowadays. One thing is for sure, you will only ever get tip-top production quality and we’ll even throw in industry standard ‘direction’ to help you. Equipment is merely a tool to realise the creativity and not the other way around.  Also ‘Audio make video and not the other way around’.

ADmaze Media is neither a Silk Sound Soha replica or Abbey Road clone.  Worlds apart in fact, but everything you need is here or can be dragged from the cupboard if you are old school.

With technology advances, considerable downsizing in space requirements has taken place, the facility is no longer used to record bands and the like, but anything else audio or video can be handled. (See Facilities).  Nowadays, Agencies look for hole in the wall bunkers to realise their creations (as such) and the cheaper the better. ADmaze Media facilities are not quite that quaint, but catering for the new mindset was met with resistance for a long while, but we realise now that this is the way forward and if you can’t beat them, join them, but ADmaze media will NEVER stoop to the lowest common denominator which the world is experiencing. Thankfully, some of the older stalwarts of the industry still hang in there in places like Soho and kudos to them.

For some 25 years, the client base was strong and some had a good ear wanting this well-crafted in-your-face style, direction and writing from within. Only times have changed, the art is still there and stronger than ever, but now the Internet gives you the world, so adaptation was somewhat forced upon the facilities. For sure, there is not a facility in the world that has not been affected, with radio commercials being replaced by Instagram and a million other ‘free to air’ channels. Now the crux of the matter is, how good do you want your Instagram slam to be?  Leave that to ADmaze Media, you won’t be disappointed and will knock the spots of the mountains of dirge out there, who incidentally all claim to be the ‘World’s Number One’.  That we’re afraid, is down to your own perception.

History: From 1981 it was ‘I Hate Geg Hopkins Productions’ catering for both audio and video around the clock, but the work load was more audio. Occasionally, the facilities were opened up for bands to record, but being honest, this was so tedious, taking up such a lot of time for no revenue, so it was discouraged with polite jesters. Of course, the studio was multi-track (still is), predominantly handling ONLY in-house productions, such a radio ads and music jingles, all original, all written, produced and directed in-house.  Video was a slow – slow process in those days.  The output style was always somewhat in-your-face with snappy scripting and good voices. All media placement was in-house too and rarely did the studio open up for Agency work, unless that Agency proved creative ability. It was a pride thing and standards had to be maintained at all costs.  Perhaps a little deluded, but we thought the public at large recognised that, until the desktop computer was born.  At one time we had a million Dollars racked up, but nowadays most of it is done on powerful PCs and MACs with high-end mics and mixers, but as mentioned above, ADmaze Media still has the kit.


ADmaze Media was one of the first studios in the world to go full digital. That was in 1989.  The rest of the world never really caught up until mid 90s.  If you Google you might still find bulletin boards detailing experiments and sharing of knowledge by Geg Hopkins. The first 286 computer was used with ‘Micro Technology Unlimited’ (MTU) and the first Yamaha digital mixers. (we needed noise gates then).  The next step was 24 bit with the incredible Krystal card in the early 90s (nobody/nothing could touch it), which can still be used today, but it was many years ahead of its time and cost reflected that. Analogue was gone albeit the Neuman mics really, as mentioned under ‘equipment’ elsewhere on this site..